Jaws support for Problem Steps Recorder feature of Windows8 or higher.

Dr. Vikas Dixit

Hello! I am using Jaws16 on Windows8 and Windows10 OS. Sometimes, I need to utilise Windows new feature, called "Problem Steps Recorder" for some hardware/software related remote assistance from engineer. However, I find it quite difficult to utilise this feature PSR with Jaws. Jaws does not seem to support this new feature of Windows8/10. Does anybody from this forum have any experience/knowledge which can improve that of mine in this regard?
Thanks and regards!
Vikas Dixit

Dr. Vikas Dixit
Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Jadavpur University, Kolkata-700032.
Tel. +913324572160 (Department), hand phone: +919748657055 (Kolkata), +919412370464 (U.P.)
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