quick question aboot blindtunes

Kimsan <kimsansong@...>

I just purchased the latest blindtunes scripts.

I briefly listened to the 47 minute demo on the site talking aboot how to
use it. During the demo, it said we could select individual tracks by
pressing CTRL down arrow and pressing spacebar. It sucks that one cannot do
that without scripts with the latest itunes.

When I did this, I was told I can only do it during a play list, so I cannot
do this within the library so I can quickly add songs to a play list?

So, I can only do this from within a created play list? I'm going to listen
to it through one more time tomorrow night, as I just purchased the scripts
a few minutes ago, and I was to tired to listen and pay attention to the

And, I'm aware of the keystroke to get a list, but I like audio demos.. My
brain is different like that as it relates to processing information. Lol

Thoughts are welcomed though. I love you guys on this list.

Good night.

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