JFW 16 crashing with DuckDuckGo


Hello list,

An odd behavior I’ve been experiencing with JFW 16.

In Firefox, I have DuckDuckGo as my default search engine. When I want to
search for something, I’ll open up the search edit box (control+e) and type
in my search term. I’ll then be taken to DuckDuckGo’s webpage with the
search results, but then either Jaws will crash right away or right after I
press “h” to jump to the first heading. So far, the improved recovery
feature in JFW 16 has worked flawlessly and Jaws does come back every single
time, but still… After Jaws comes back, I have no problem moving around the
DuckDuckGo results webpage.

Also, if I do the exact same search with a different engine, be it Google,
Bing, etc. I don’t’ have this crashing problem.

I’m using Firefox 33.0.2.

Is anyone else dealing with this issue?

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