Suddenly Jaws takes 4 mins to startup

Jim L

Heya folks,

Am running Jaws 11 on an XP machine, have had no issues up till yesterday
morning where computer starts up fine hearing the intro music in the usual
time but from yesterday morning there's now a wait of just over 4 minutes
when Jaws finally decides to load up for me. I've done a virus scan,
registry clean and also a defrag and this hasn't fix it and there was no
virus's or melware on my PC. I then tried Jaws 14 and it does the exact same
of a delayed Jaws starting up.

Can anyone help me with what this could be? I haven't installed anything new
the day before and once Jaws does load everything else seems normal again,
PC speed is great and internet surfing normal, I'm just lost what this could
be, I've even checked the startup items on my PC and nothings changed there

Any help will be appreciated.