does jaws work with windows 8.

David Bailes

Hi Jen,
concerning much tabbing. On a ribbon tab you can use ctrl+right arrow and control+left arrow to move between the groups of controls on a tab. So if you know or guess which group a control is in, this can greatly reduce the number of tabs to move to a control.
More details about the ribbon in file explorer in windows 8 can be found in the ribbon section of this guide:
original message:
yes, but only with the professional version, which his what I have. IT
is pretty proficient and there are a vfew shortcut keys to locate
foldres and such,j and unfortunately without the use of a mouse, much
tabbing involved in the menus. I'm used to it now and it's a little
slower but it does work. I'm learning the ropes on it, to. Win. 8 is
new to me..