help with accessible printer

Mariea Harris <mharris1979@...>

Hi everyone:

I'm running a Windows 7 64 bit computer and using text cloner pro as my scanning program. I was using an HP 6500 printer combo, but it's not accessible

when it comes to low ink and no paper. The messages pop up on the screen of the printer and not my computer. My boyfriend and I are both blind and don't

have any sighted assistance around so we need a printer combo that will put the messages up on the screen. I've used Lexmark products twice before changing

to the 64 bit computer and loved them. They're not sold in stores anymore and I have no idea if they put the messages up on the screens now or not. We

just purchased a brother mcf j435w printer combo and it is worse than the HP. The installation wizard was totally inaccessible and I had to get a neighbor

to install the software. Then we discovered it too puts the messages on the printer screen. It's also having issues with Text Cloner Pro. It will scan

once and then seem to lock up Text Cloner Pro. Does anyone have any solutions of printer combos that are accessible and compatible with Windows 7? I know

a lot of people still use XP, but I know there are a few out there who use Windows 7 as well. Any suggestions on accessible printers would be greatly appreciated.

I do know Lexmark has a software that will work with their touch screen combos, but it's $500 and I'm not paying that. Thanks for reading this long message

and I hope someone out there can help us.