PeopleSoft and other applications with JAWS

Adrian Spratt

I noticed two queries in recent days about applications that rarely come up
on this list. One was PeopleSoft, but I've forgotten the other. I felt bad
that none of us had anything helpful to post in response. Perhaps responses
were sent offline.

In any event, I thought I'd mention that even if an answer isn't posted,
Google remains a useful option. I just Googled "peoplesoft, jaws" and got
the following results page:

I see that the first two results are posts from our own Dave Carlson from a
year ago. Another result seems to point to useful shortcut keys.
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According to a Union Steward:

Public employees that are critical of large IT vendors may not be free to speak publicly about problems with such products without risking a reprimand caused by a complaint from the vendor executives to the employee's management.

The vendors technically comply with legal accessibility requirements, which may not be the same as actually being accessible for most visually impaired employees.


Not sure what it really means, but this might provide some insight:

dave grossoehme

Good Afternoon: The problem with the referenced link is the informnation
was written before 2009. Nothing is their information refers to a later
document here.
friend Dave

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Not sure what it really means, but this might provide some insight:

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