Help with betatesting of JavaRa regarding accessibility for screen readers

Anders Boholdt-Petersen

Hi everyone

In connection with I have used a programme called JavaRa when I will made a
completely clean up after I hae uninstalled the Java Runtime Environment
from Oracle, I have written with the developer Shane Gowland about the
accessibility in the programme for screen readers.

At the time, Shane working on a new version of JavaRa there should remove
more things after the Java Runtime Environment automatically, and add some
new features to JavaRa.

Therefore Shane is very interested to hear from people there using screen
readers regarding the accessibility on the new version of JavaRa, what could
be better?

You can see more about JavaRa here:

The new version is JavaRa version 2.0 Beta, and it is this version where
Shane is interested to hear from persons there using screen readers.

If you have comment about the accessibility, please send these directly to
Shane on the e-mail-address shane@....

Very thanks in advance for the help.

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