Jaws and Google Adwords?

Chris Smart <csmart8@...>

HI folks.

I am currently running an ad campaign through Google's AdWords service, and while I find most of it accessible, I'm having trouble editing my ad text.

Google's help on the matter tells me to go to the campaigns tab then the ads tab. That's easy enough with Jaws. But then it tells me to click the pencil beside the ad I want to edit. There seems to be no accessible element on the page Jaws can latch onto that lets me do this. Checking the checkbox near the ad doesn't bring up additional options, like edit.

Has anybody else managed to figure out a way around this? I'm using Jaws 13 and the latest builds of Internet Explorer and Firefox.
I'm hoping there is in fact some useful element on the page somewhere I can search for and activate, otherwise I'll have to find a handy sighted person to go click on the right graphic.

Thanks for any suggestions or help,


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