What always bothers me when there's an update

Cal <yesitscal@...>

I just jumped from V11 to V13 and am finding it okay. One thing that always bothers me with every update is that how I navigate through text changes because I use the CTRL+down-arrow key a lot to jump from paragraph to paragraph, or on news pages from story to story. There always seems to be missing lines in places were they were previously not separated by a line and hence sometimes I move over text that I had not intended to. I'm making a mess out of trying to explain myself, aren't I? I'm sure I must not be the only person who goes through text online this way, so maybe you might know why this is because I'm just really curious.
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İt happens not only on texts, but on the display of some pages as well, İ mean they get reformatted in the way more diffrent than the previous versions.