Blank Screens in Web Browsers

Chris Smart <csmart8@...>

Hi folks.

I'm using IE 9 and the latest Firefox, the latest builds of Jaws 12 and 13 Beta, under Windows 7 x64.

On a particular Website, I need to activate the jaws cursor and move to a particular item to bring down a menu, then do a simulated mouse click on it.

This always worked fine under XP, but when I switch to Jaws cursor in either browser, I see either a completely blank screen (Firefox), or just the status line and maybe the address bar (IE 9).

I assume this is just something I have configured incorrectly in Jaws. Any pointers on what might be causing this?

It's only a Jaws cursor issue. Just tabbing around or using the arrow keys with the virtual cursor works fine in either browser.

thanks for any suggestions,


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