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Hello All,
I don't know if you have the answer for my situation or not!! I have call fs support about the jaws strange behavior when I'm reading e-mail and website ,I told the lady that jaws was reading e-mail and website and jaws was stop reading then about between 3 - 5 minute jaws started to read again then 10 minute later jaws stop reading then another 3 - 5 minute jaws begin to read again!! The lady from fs support told me she think I need a spyware and I told her that I have trend micro internet surety program ,which Gerald installed it in my computer . I had microsoft surety essentials ,but Gerald told me it's suppose to be a good program and it's not scan all the virus from my computer and that why he took it out and put trend micro internet surety that have anitivirus,spyware and myoware program like MSSE . Do you have any suggestion for me what I can do get jaws to stop reading and read again ? I noticed when I was reading e-mail jaws read the message when I get through finished reading the e-mail ,then I press esc and jaws was still reading the message in e-mail ,then when I press alt f4 jaws was saying listened to music !! I don't know why it's say listened to music when I close out the e-mail and also on the internet too!! Also when I was reading the website and try to stop jaws from reading by press ctrl key jaws still keep reading so I had to wait for few second then try to press ctrl key again try to stop jaws talking . I'm using jaws 11,desktop with window xp home edition . Any asnwer will be appreciate from anyone .

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