Jaws 12 question - Jaws unresponsive to keystrokes while infolder and link lists

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Hi, I use high contrast settings as I still have some useful vision so I am between relying on Jaws but not quite ready to give up on using my vision. That aside I too though thought perhaps high contrast was an issue so reverted to windows classic settings with no improvement.

I have generally found Jaws better at the high contrast support with more modern versions of Jaws.

I really think the issue Jaws has here is related to the interruption of the Jaws dialogue rather than any colour setting. Still waiting for a response from FS.


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I note you are using high contrast settings, and I think even if you have
professional equipment you will have problem with xp, I used to get around
it by running lunar a product from another stable, I find using windows 7
it is much easier. I have actually removed lunar from my xp laptop just
take care not to use high contrast, the laptop has little resources but has
kept going for over 6years and as it is a secondary machine just put up
with it, is there a reason you need high contrast settings I wonder regards

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Subject: Jaws 12 question - Jaws unresponsive to keystrokes while in folder
and link lists

Hi people, my apologies if this has already been asked.
I recently upgraded from Jaws 11 pro to Jaws 12 pro. I am operating on xp
professional and use high contrast settings.

One of the first things I noticed with Jaws 12 is that when I am in a folder

list in say outlook Jaws continues with its narrative even when I press the
letter of the folder I wish to go to such as J for junk email. This happens
on all applications and is of particular annoyance when I use f7 on the net
to bring up the links list. When I hit a key to find a certain link Jaws
still continues to read the link it is on and shows no haste in updating to
the new link.

I can get around this by using the control key to silence Jaws then I can
hit the first letter of the link or folder I want and this does the trick
however it is an extreme annoyance and slows things down for me.

Does anyone know of a fix for this or is this just a new feature on Jaws 12
and I am stuck with it.

I have all the latest Jaws 12 updates on my system so as far as I know there

is no outstanding update available to help.

I sent a request to Freedom Scientific however have not heard back thus far.

Thanks kindly

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