Robert Logue <bobcat11@...>

. Is anyone using Windows media player 12 in Windows 7 with jaws?

I am having all kinds of issues. Some of them are related to jaws.

First of all, there is no jaws script for Windows media player 12 only Windows media player 11.

I found out that pressing control alt l sometimes brings focus to the now playing list but sometimes it won't, even when it actually is on the screen. Next, if you use that keystroke the Windows media player volume controls stop

Working temporarily. I need to switch focus to another application then back to get the function keys F8 and F9 working again.

The tab order is very confusing.
shift tab seems to go in a different order than tabbing through the controls in either the now playing or library view windows.

There are other issues, but I don't think they are related to jaws. I'll mention them anyway in case somebody who is struggling with jaws and Windows media player 12 has also noticed these issues and would write to me off list.

Opening some artists folders causes the player to stop working. No troubleshooting solutions work. I run the Windows 7 troubleshooters and the Windows fix it troubleshooters and I've had no success. I've closed all my libraries, reregistered things and still have problems. I may just give up on Windows media player 12 altogether. One reason I still use it is because I love SRS wow surround sound. I know there is a plug-in that will let SRS work for other media players, but it is totally inaccessible with jaws.

Another reason is all playlists. I've created in the past are in Windows media player format and I don't think I can even export them to Winamp. I was quite accustomed to using Windows media player 10 and its playlist editor with jaws. It could be tricky but I managed it. Now it just seems like Windows media player 12 is completely blind hostile. They still don't show the title of the track you're playing anywhere in the Window jaws can see. Tab order is confusing. Pressing enter on an item in the list puts the player in full screen mode so you have to right-click on the item. If you can get focus on it before you can play it. There's no way to directly focus the seek bar and it seems to move around in the tab order.

Again, I don't know how much this has to do with jaws or just the nature of Microsoft products.