Advice needed-Jaws crashes regularly

Kirsten Edmondson <kirsten.edmondson@...>

I have j12 and windows 7 (though I can't remember whether its 32 or 64 and
can't remember how to find out). I am finding Jaws increasingly unstable and
it crashes regularly. When it crashes, it takes with it all other sound and
or it just keeps making the computer restart. I think it's a combination of
J12 and W7 working unstably together as I have no such problems with J11 and
xp at work but I had similar problems with J11 and W7 before 12 came out, I
hoped that installing J12 last November would help reduce the issues, but it
seems to be getting worse and worse.
I have done the latest update (it says ,12.0.1169 I think) but I am fairly
convinced that I have actually done the same update several times now,
though I can't be sure.
The times it crashes are:
1. When I do something too quickly such as alt tabbing between programs.
2. When I plug in a wired headset.
3. When I am using audio programs such as Skype, Itunes etc.
4. It doesn't seem to like to do more than one thing at once, and I am a big
5. When I'm on the internet (ie8) doing things quickly.
6. When i am in the outlook (2007) calendar, arrowing through appointments.

I was thinking of uninstalling and doing a full re-install, but this
probably won't make any difference.
Does anyone have any advice/suggestions or any experience of similar and
what I could do regarding it. It is extremely irritating and makes things
very difficult. When it goes, I can't switch jaws back on with the hotkey or
unload it from the memory, I can only hold down the computer's button and
switch off. Sometimes it will come back straight on, and sometimes it takes
two or three attempts of restarting the computer before it will restart
Thanks very much