aria-labelledby vs aria-activedescendant

Ney André de Mello Zunino <zunino@...>


I'm having trouble getting a simple menu widget to be properly labelled (/aria-labelledby/) when using /aria-activedescendant/ to manage focus. When the widget receives focus, its label is not read; only the active menu item given by /aria-activedescendant/ is. This behavior seems misleading and lacking in the sense of providing a blind user with context.

Illustrative example:

<h2 id="menu-label">Colors Menu</h2>

<ul id="colors-menu" role="menu" tabindex="0"
<li id="color1" role="menuitem">Green</li>
<li id="color2" role="menuitem">Yellow</li>
<li id="color3" role="menuitem">Blue</li>

In the example above, when the menu receives focus, its label "Colors Menu" is not read. Instead, only the active item "Green" is. I expected the menu label to be announced prior to the item itself.

Has anybody got any info or experience with a situation like this?

Browser: Firefox 5

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