My Jaws speaks off topic, it uh, er, I mean, it meanders


My JAWS software, it meanders.

What can I do about it. Is there a keyboard shortcut?
I cannot find one in the Help Topics.

One minute I am working on reading email about Safe Mode, and then, whoops!
JAWS is talking about what is Off Topic. and then there are many messages about what is off topic.

I wish we had a 401K that would accrue value with each off topic thread message in a message from another topic originally.

But the stock market is crashing around us anyhow.
So, JAWS, and JAWS users, you just all can talk about whatever you want to, as far as I am concerned.

One thing I do like about Windows Live Mail 2011 version. IT puts all the messages with the same heading into a group. I never had that before in my XP version. And I like that now I can and often do, a BULK DELETE all the messages that share the same heading. Because I am short on time, and have my own short little attention span, too. And I do not think I want to read all of them, so bye bye they go.

Unless of course I start to worry, well, did they talk about something more than what is implied in that topic?

What? Me worry?
Alfred E. Newman, come home, and meet E.T.

My apologies for the levity implied and directed within the above text.
It was intended to only help us all have a collective blind tech users Rodney King moment.

Rik James