CTRL + up arrow, CTRL + down arrow, JAWS has funny behavior


They still say it is the same for Standard Windows Keystrokes in Help Topics

In My JAWS 12, using both Windows 7 or XP machines
In a rich text or or plain text whether it is in an email or in a Wordpad file I have funny results. Do you?

When I use CTRL + up arrow to read the previous paragraph.
Or when I use CTRL + down arrow to read the next paragraph.

I will find that instead of reading the next paragraph, instead JAWS will just speak the entire text from the top of the file or top of the email messages.

I can stop it and read a line at a time and it works just fine.
but using my old reliable CTRL + UP and CTRL + DOWN, I am often irritated by this behavior.

I could say that it is similarly funny behavior when trying ALT + UP and ALT + DOWN to read a sentence at a time.
But I will just leave it there.

Is there a suggestion or a fix?
Or am I just an individual who is the only one to whom this is occurring?

One note. This does not seem to happen when navigating my text on a web page or in a Microsoft Word document.
Just in Wordpad and in my Email messages using Windows Live Mail of a rich text or plain text type of message.

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