making an audio CD

Jim L

Heya folks,

Am wanting to make an audio CD compilation with Jaws 11 and include the CD
text which I know can be done with nero express which Im having problems
getting Jaws to read menu's and buttons. Is there a fully compatiable CD
burning software I can use with my Jaws 11 even if I need to purchase it, of
course if theres a free one that's even better.



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Chris Smart <csmart8@...>

I believe the full version of Nero is accessible, Nero Burning Rom it's called, and free too!

I'm not using the latest version so things may have changed, but you need to have the box checked to include CD Text on the CD. Also, have your tracks tagged properly if they are in a compressed form like mp3, or bring up the properties of each track within Nero and enter the artist, title etc.