Mail has stabalized, it seems.

Shane Davidson <shane@...>

I am one of the actual server administrators of the server where this list
is hosted.
I've been monitoring the ongoing mail issues throughout the day post
disaster recovery.
We're aware of the bouncing mail and the mail server being a little, shall
we say, stupid of late.
Things should be stabalizing now, as providers realize we're not a spam
servver and remove head from cranium.
As this happens, the unsubscribe system and all other parts of the software
should behave as normal.
Please attempt to make any changes on your own before contacting the admins
of this list.
Let's try and make their job as painless as possible.
I know it's a pain in the behind but things happen, so instead of
complaining, let's be proactive, k?
Thanks for your understanding and willingness to cooperate.
server administrator
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