Custom Labels

Joe DiNero

Good Morning Folks


I have never used the custom lables feature of JAWS but have a webpage where it maybe useful for me.


So to give you background I am the Financial Secretary for a local chapter of an organization with nearly 1000 members where I collect annual dues we have an online billing nd recording  website which is semi accessible . Where I would record dues there are edit boxes to enter amount of payment and check number that are not labeled. I have memorized how to navigate the page however every once in a while I post to the wrong account as I type faster than my brain keeps up. The names are in a table and the paid amount edit boxes are in a column in said table and the same to record the check number. So my 2 questions are as follows. First if I put a custom label in the top edit box of the column is there a way to replicate it down that column? Second once dues are paid the names come off the list for the year does anyone know if the labels will hold when I bill out for next year? Just trying to determine if this is worth the effort or just stick with what I am doing.