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Sean Murphy


The tool you referred me is much better than ponce media download.  I was using 3.51. Entered The wrong version previously. 
My experience is the part 

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I will download the tool and see what happens. Thanks.


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Hi, Sean and list. Lately I haven't been using Pontes Media Downloader at all. Instead, I have been using another media tool developed by someone in Portugal. It is called TCA Media Downloader, and the current version is available at the link below. It is a portable tool, meaning that it doesn't need to be installed, only placed in a folder. One thing about this program is that, when first run, it will start in Spanish. To get to where you can change the program's interface to English,


1. Start the program.

2. Press ALT plus M.

3. Press the letter O for Options. You will be in the General Options.

4. Once in this General menu, TAB once, and press the letter I for Ingles, which is Spanish for English.

5. TAB to the ACCEPTAR button and press ENTER.

6. Once you press the ACCEPTAR button, the program will tell you in Spanish that the language has been changed, and that the program needs to restart.

7. You will be on another ACCEPTAR button, which is equivalent to an OK button. Press ENTER.

8. The program will now restart in English, and will stay that way until changed in General Options. The link to download TCA Media Downloader is below.


Download TCA Media Downloader


Bill White




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Subject: Pontes Media Downloader v3.6




The latest version of Pontes Media Downloader media was working fine until last Friday. Now I cannot download any bulk media files from Youtube to watch them off line. The first 5 files are downloaded then nothing. I changed the media drive to a new location and copyed all the files which were found under the document\Pontes Media  folder. I have re-installed the application as well. I did have a different version of  Java installed which I required for a program to convert Braille files. Only way I can download files is to go through the download menu option and select each file one by one. Using ctrl+a to select everything does not work.


Any one got ideas how to resolve this issue?

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