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JM Casey

That seems very strange. If it's a global setting, shouldn't it be a Windows setting?
I remember why I don't use it -- I play music through my speakers much of the time and I don't like it being messed with by other sounds.

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Oh JAWS has an audio ducking setting, but its a global setting, its not something you can have on for some programs and off for others.


On 8/13/2022 10:05 PM, JM Casey wrote:
Ah. I thought JAWS itself had an option to turn its own audio ducking on or off, within the settings. Maybe I am wrong. I am using an old version of JAWS, so can't check. It's certainly inactive on my Win 10 system though.
Plenty of programmes made without screen-readers in mind are totally accessible -- but I don't suppose it would occur to someone creating software for mainstream use that uses a kind of voice alert, to suppose that someone might actuallyb e accessing the computer generally with voice output.

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No it wasn't made with screen readers in mind, though I do find the program to be quite accessible.

If I could turn off audio ducking for only one program, I would do that, but as it is a global setting, I'd rather leave it on.

I liked having the email announcements in another voice from JAWS, but having JAWS read the announcements might be my best option for now.


On 8/13/2022 9:43 PM, JM Casey wrote:
Hm. Probably not. What if you turned the programme's voice off and just had it play a sound or even display a message that JAWS itself might read out instead? Not sure if you can make many adjustments with this programme, but I suspect it was made without screen-readers in mind.
You could also turn off JAWS's audio ducking. Maybe that could help somewhat with missing what's being said.

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Hi everyone!

I have a small program that sits in the system tray, also known as the notification area, called Pop Peeper, it monitors my email account(s) and notifies me if there are any new messages waiting. I have it set up to notify me by voice with the subject of the new messages and it uses SAPI 5.

Inter JAWS. If JAWS is speaking and Pop Peeper wants to speak, it does, but JAWS' audio ducking almost mutes it so I miss what it was saying.
Oddly enough, if Pop Peeper is speaking and JAWS wants to talk, it wait's until Pop Peeper is done speaking before it takes over.

So, I'm wondering if there is a way to get the SAPI 5 voice being used by Pop Peeper to wait for JAWS just as JAWS waits for it.

If any one has any ideas, I'd appreciate hearing about them.


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