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leonard morris

I am not the host for the meeting. I am only going to be a participant.

On 8/13/2022 1:26 PM, Curtis Chong wrote:
Hello Leonard:

Boy. You really have been thrust into the middle of it. Zoom is very accessible nonvisually. But there is a bit of up front learning that can only be gained with experience. Are you hosting? Because if you are and have not set up a Zoom account, you will need to do that. The free accounts give you a maximum time in a meeting of 40 minutes. I myself have a Pro account which enables me to run meetings for two hours or more.

Good luck.

Best regards,

Curtis Chong

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I need to use Zoom on Sunday to conference with friends. I have never
used Zoom on my windows computer although I have installed the app. I am
using the latest Jaws for 2022. How accessible is the app and can you
provide a couple of tips to make the session go a little more smoothly
for me?

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