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On Wed, Aug 10, 2022 at 11:29 AM, Alan Lemly wrote:
But unless you are currently using Fusion, I’d suggest you not comment on how well Fusion functions based on what others have said.
Alan, all due respect, but "what others have said" is all any of us have to go on in many of these topics.

I get what it is you're saying, but it was the lack of clarity on exactly what Fusion is, and is not, putting on the desktop that, in my opinion, started all this.  If I only commented on things I'm absolutely up-to-the-moment current with rather than basing much on years of experience (though not with Fusion) I'd be able to comment on very little.  Body of knowledge should, and does, count for something, particularly when the thing under discussion has some very static features that have been around "forever."

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