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Bill Spiry

Is that a new thing? Up until a couple of days ago my list postings would
come back to me as a list member.

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Gmail doesn't allow you to see your messages.

Hope that helps.
Angela from Italy.

"Con poco sapere, ma di buona qualit`, si produce di piy che con moltissimo
sapere di cattiva qualit`". (Arthur Schopenhauer).

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Hey folks,

The last few days I've had something a bit odd happening when I send
messages to this and other listserves. Apparently my messages are getting
through but I'm not getting my own message back from the listserve. As
noted, my messages are apparently getting to others on the list, just not
appearing for me.

Wondering if anyone might have a clue as to what could be causing this
result. It's certainly possible that I've inadvertently changed something in
my rules or other settings but nothing consciously and I can't find anything
out of order. Any ideas would be appreciated.

I'm using Win 7 64; Outlook 2010; and latest build of JAWS 13.


Bill Spiry

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University of Oregon School of Law

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