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Well if it has an audio port, it will work, as I can do it with an HDMI to VGA converter.
I can just never find out if these "dummy" devices have an audio port like the HDMI to VGA does.

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Can you tell if this dummy HDMI has an audio port?
HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface and, as such, has all of the bits "rolled into one," including video and audio.

You'd have to try it and see, but since HDMI generally takes everything down its pipe, it would probably work.  But never having tried precisely what you'd like to do, I'd have to experiment with it just as you will to confirm or refute.

If you happen to have an HDMI cable that connects to something else in the house, most likely a TV, but not necessarily, you could experiment using that.  Once the HDMI pipeline is in place what you can do with an active one should be the same whether it's a real one or a dummy.

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