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On Mon, Aug 8, 2022 at 12:47 AM, Sharon S wrote:
The screen shade will stop anyone else using the computer because none of my family knows how to use Jaws but my nieces will be disappointed if they can’t see the pictures.
If no one else knows how to use JAWS (or unload it at the very least) then the situation you describe is precisely what you'll have.

The very reason for being of the screen shade is to prevent "over the shoulder" viewing, by anyone, when that's what you wish to prevent.  Once the screen is off, it's off until you either flip the toggle, unload/exit JAWS, or reboot.

The reboot part may not still be accurate if a setting has been added to make screen shade persistent unless you turn it off, but I have not heard anything about that.  That was my reason for posting a reference to an earlier topic that discussed how to make that happen without a persistent option.

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