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Howard Traxler

In high school I heard of a prank like that was played on a teacher in a study hall.  But it was the library spindle place on teacher's chair.  The teacher died.  We humans, of all ages, must learn to think before pranking.

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Yes, that’s all very true.


Funny story, though not related to tech at all—I ha a buddy in the fifth grade, back in the early 90s,  who, with another guy, did play a few pranks on me. I didn’t’ always take them well back in those days, to be fair. Well, I had these big plastic geometric polygon shapes in a bin somewhere in the classroom, which were used for tactile demonstration purposes. The pyramid rose to a very sharp point/apex. Well, these guys decided it would be fun to put the pyramid on my chair when I was away from the desk. I went to sit on the chair, and of course, right on top of the pyramid. The sharp point broke off when I sat on it, and you can guess where it went. That was quite a painful prank. Funny thing is, I never totally forgot about the prank, but I did forget who had done it. Years later, as in, early 2020, I actually reconnected with that guy, whom I hadn’t seen since 1993 or something. We went to a bar and had some drinks, and it turns out, we get on even better now than we did then. And he remembered the prank, and told me he still felt bad about it almost thirty years later, and insisted on paying for my pints. Now we hang out and play dungeons and dragons.



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You have to know with whom you are dealing but, I'd say that yes, it can sometimes be..they are perplexed for a while and then they laugh with you. Most people can take it.

The only thing I'll disagree with there is the "Most" that leads off your final sentence.  Change it to "Many" though . . .

Practical jokes that are not of an intentionally cruel sort tend to be "reversed into laughter" after the fact.  Many people, particularly those who are pranksters themselves, love a good prank whether it's by them or on them.

Much of how one feels afterward can depend on how long a prank is allowed to play out.  Too long, even if it's meant innocently, and things can turn dark whether you wanted them to not.

But any prank that has cruelty at its core (and, sadly, there are many of those) is just plain wrong and destructive.

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