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the virtual cursor was designed in such a way that all relevant info about a web page or web document gets analysed, parsed and then displayed so we can read it, from top to bottom, left to right - not sure how right to left rendering works, honestly - and if we want to interact with a form field, that can be done using forms mode, focus mode, or whatever terminology the different manufacturers use.

Maybe the name "cursor" is a bit misleading, but they wanted to give us a cursor where there was none in reality. A combo box, edit box, or most any element cannot be copied to the clipboard, manipulated like a text on the page you're viewing...

The PC cursor, on the other hand, can be anything from a text marker or indicator or might have landed on items in a list that sighted people would then be able to manipulate with a mouse, scroll wheel, or whatever there is.

The JAWS cursor is basically the mouse pointer, but imagine using the mouse pointer to select a list of files in file explorer, boy would that be tedious and inefficient as a blind user!

In essence, the rendered document is just a flat text representation informing us of buttons, graphics, edit boxes, checkboxes and so on. What we're actually using is a top to bottom rendition that does not have a lot to do with the visual representation.

Now, using tab, we can move among links, forms, and so forth, if the author of the document in question incorporated some kind of tab order. But even then, we are not actually moving the mouse nor any trackpad or using any visual movement method. That's why sighted people will tell me that they don't se x y z on the screen, cause the rendered representation and their visual page are not in sync. They might to have to use the scroll wheel to bring the part of the page I am reading into the foreground cause it does not fit on the whole screen.

Sometimes, using INSERT+ESCAPE will refresh the screen and update the position so they can follow along, but often this does not work as expected.

A lot of that stuff has changed over the years in such a way that a lot of dynamic content will be spoken as soon as we interact with things, one example are Q&A pages where the answer to a given question might show up without any refreshing upon activating the link.

Hope that was helpful.



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