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Has anyone notice that during this entire discussion, the word performing was misspelled preforming? I have changed the subject line to reflect correct spelling.


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Why  is there no command for setting the Jaws to follow the mouse cursor?

Or is there one?



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On Sat, Aug 6, 2022 at 12:55 PM, Glenn / Lenny wrote:

I've never set jaws cursor to follow the PC cursor, and I don't know that my mouse is where the PC cursor is.

With control + insert + Jaws cursor key we can set the Jaws cursor to stay with the PC cursor.

Shift instead of control will set it to follow the touch cursor, but I rarely use the touch cursor, only when a program seems to be otherwise inaccessible.

And I have no idea how any of this is related to what I posted.

In the default "out of the box" state for JAWS, the mouse pointer/PC Cursor does not stay tethered to the JAWS cursor.  So your earlier statement that you thought the JAWS Cursor location was always where the mouse pointer was as well was incorrect.

Unless you use commands such as you've noted to change the default behavior, the mouse pointer doesn't really follow anything JAWS is doing, nor does the PC Cursor (and the two can be considered synonymous) in many instances.  They are disconnected from each other under many typical circumstances.  And so long as everything that needs to be accomplished can be done by keyboard commands alone, that doesn't often matter, but at times it really does matter.

That's precisely why there are commands to route the JAWS cursor to the PC Cursor location and the PC Cursor to the JAWS Cursor location so that the two are indeed co-located.

I'm not going to argue the point that the mouse pointer and the PC Cursor are synonymous as far as getting "click control" on something that allows it.  If you are on something in the JAWS cursor that requires a right or left click and it's an occasion where the PC cursor is not following the JAWS cursor, you have to route the PC Cursor to the JAWS cursor before issuing a click.

There are times, like when using File Explorer, where the JAWS Cursor and PC cursor are virtually always locked together just based on how that program works.  But there are lots of other instances where they are definitely not in lock step with each other and you need to route one to the other.

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