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Dee & Rick

thanks David, so all fixed now, but do yuou have any ideas how in the world I manage to do this in the first place? I realize you are not a wizard but pretty darn close! LOL

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Hello there;
Is it possible you muted the sound completely?

If your using windows 7,

1, after you've booted the computer,
Wait a little bit for desktop to load.

2, now press,
Type in:
Press enter,
Tab once, press the spacebar,
This should unmute the sound.
If your using xp,
Same steps apply, except, in the run dialog,
Type in:

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Hello all,
Periodically, I must hit a combination of key strokes which then shuts off
all sounds on my computer. I know there is a mute and un-mute key
combination, but I cannot remember it. What is also really odd though is
that even if I shut off my computer and reboot it is still silent. Odd for
help please! I'm using JAWS 13 on a laptop.
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