Re: Need To Get Rid Of Superscript Designations In a Microsoft Word File



Those are not the correct keyboard shortcuts for making a character (or block of text) formatted as superscript or subscript.  I gave the direct link to Microsoft's own documentation so that the definitive source was available.

CTRL + Shift + Plus Sign - Format as Superscript
CTRL + Equal Sign - Format as Subscript.

There are certain formats that when an entire document's worth of text is selected, that requires a double-toggle, where the first one "flip-flops" the formatting, and the second one makes everything go back to regular format.

In the case of superscript, that's not true, and I just tried it.  If I select a text and set superscript on a couple of letters or words (using CTRL + Shift + Plus Sign), then select the text so formatted as part of a larger block where most of it is not in superscript format, using CTRL + Shift + Plus sign causes superscript to be taken OFF for whatever was in superscript format without turning it ON for what had been regular text, so everything ends up being regular text.

I still find it far easier to select all, paste it into a plain text editor, then copy that back and paste it in word.  There's no worrying about even the possibility of something being flip-flopped were something formatted in a way where that can happen.  An example of that is mixed regular and italic text which, if you select it and hit italic, will cause all the text to become italic, and if you hit italic again, turns off italic format for all that text.

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