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On Fri, Aug 5, 2022 at 04:24 PM, Karen Reynolds wrote:
Is there somewhere we can go to find these Windows commands?
A simple web search on [Windows Keyboard Shortcuts] almost always returns Microsoft's own page documenting them all as the first result.  If it's not the first one, I've never seen it not occur somewhere in the top five.

There used to be separate pages depending on the version of Windows, but in recent years it's a page where you will most likely see the latest version of Windows in a selection dropdown at the top, and where you simply choose another version if you want it's keyboard shortcuts instead.

Most of the core keyboard shortcuts have remained the same for decades now.  There's been the rare occasion where an existing one is changed, but even when that happens it tends to be one of the later ones added as Windows has marched along, not one of the ones we all know and love that have been around since Windows 3.1.

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