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Bill White

What is Pop Peeper? I don't have that in my SysTray.

Bill White


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I actually have been through that area of settings and I chose to have
all the icons displayed. Then in the action center I either disabled it
entirely or I set it to not show its icon in the task bar.

For rearanging the system tray icons All I needed to do was move the Pop
Peeper icon to the first position so that when I hit insert+F11 it is
the first icon JAWS tells me about.


On 8/5/2022 1:54 PM, Mike B. wrote:

Hi Gene,
I've never tried rearranging the system tray icons using drag and drop,
but heere's how you do it in Windows 10 a didifferent way.
Use the steps below after going to the following: Settings / System /
Personalization / Taskbar category.

In the, Taskbar category, set your Settings and their state as listed
below and you can change them back after you are done rearranging the
icons, but
I would only turn the, Lock the Taskbar, button off and leave the rest
of the settings alone:
Lock the Taskbar button, is On, by default.
As you tab through these settings I Have all other buttons turned off
These next 2 options I have set as follows.
Taskbar location on screen Combo box, Bottom

Taskbar location on screen Combine taskbar buttons, Never
Here's how I rearrange the system tray icons running Windows 10 Pro
Version 1809 (OS Build 17763.379) & all newer versions with all
installed versions
of Jaws.
1. Windows key + I, for Settings, tab 1 time to System, right arrow to
Personalization, and press enter.
2. Navigate to, Taskbar and press enter.
3. Tab several times to, Show Badges on Taskbar..., and make sure this
is, Off / unchecked.
4. Tab a few times to, Notification Area, Select which icons appear on
the taskbar Link, and press enter.
5. Okay now to put the System Tray in the order you want it in. Tab
through all the icons making a note of which ones you have checked /
turned on because
you're going to uncheck all of them.
6. Uncheck all the icons. Now you will go through and check the icons
in the reverse order you want them in because , the 1st one yu check
will be at
the bottom of the list, the 2nd will be 2nd from the bottom, the 3rd will
be 3rd from the bottom etc. etc.... After you're done open the system
tray to make sure it's the way you want it and Alt + F4 if it is,
there's not an
Okay button.

Note: If you have the Action Center showing in the system tray I don't
know of any way to get that to show anywhere else except at the bottom.
the icons using the steps above will put them in the order you want
them, but they'll all be above the Action Center.

Take care. Mike. Sent from my iBarstool.
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Here's a tip that may not be so obvious.

You can use JAWS' drag and drop to rearange the system tray icons, but
don't use insert+F11 to get there, instead use windows+B.


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