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Gene Warner

That's a very good point, I should start getting into the habit of defining my system for that reason.

In my case it is Windows 10. Unless I buy a new computer I can't upgrade to Windows 11 because it requires TPM 2.0 and my system has TPM 1.2. I've seen several reports that say that there's nothing compelling enough in Windows 11 to justify buying a new computer just to be able to run it. So for now, it's Windows 10 for me.


On 8/5/2022 4:05 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
And, these days, it's definitely important to identify whether it's Windows 10 versus 11 that's being discussed.  It's possible under 11 to rearrange the taskbar without using drag and drop, so it's much easier for a screen reader user.  Far fewer hoops to jump through.
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