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Stan Holdeman

Thank you, Curtis. I will follow through with this tomorrow when I am not so tired.





From: <> On Behalf Of Curtis Chong
Sent: Wednesday, August 3, 2022 5:02 PM
Subject: Re: DOWNLOADS


Hello Stan:


After you get into Chrome, type the following string into the address bar, minus the quotes:


On the resulting page, find a button which says, “Ask where to save each file before downloading”. It is either toggled on or off. Toggle it on if you always want a choice as to where files will be downloaded.


Best regards,


Curtis Chong



From: <> On Behalf Of Stan Holdeman
Sent: Wednesday, August 03, 2022 1:41 PM
To: JFW list ( <>


Hi All: I am running Windows 10, Google Chrome and Jaws 2022.


When I download documents from some sites, the download goes automatically to my download folder. In other sites I get a dialogue in which I can select the location to which the download is sent. Is there a way I can/? gain control over this option (


After a recent download, my download folder has become a unavailable, so I need to be able to direct all downloads until I can figure what is going on with the downloads folder.




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