moderated Re: DOWNLOADS

Gene Warner

I use Edge, but since Edge and Chrome use the same rendering engine, I beleive the settings will be the same.

In settings in the download section there is an option to be asked what to do with each download, check it and that should give you control of where each download is saved. There also a place in there that allows you to set the default download folder.


On 8/3/2022 3:40 PM, Stan Holdeman wrote:
Hi All: I am running Windows 10, Google Chrome and Jaws 2022.
When I download documents from some sites, the download goes automatically to my download folder. In other sites I get a dialogue in which I can select the location to which the download is sent. Is there a way I can/? gain control over this option (
After a recent download, my download folder has become a unavailable, so I need to be able to direct all downloads until I can figure what is going on with the downloads folder.

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