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Another thing worthy to try is to go to control panel, make sure to set the display to small icon or large icon. After that go into sound, underplayback tab choose speaker and go to its property. From there disable all the sound enhancement under the "enhancement tab". Granted, some people may not like the sound without enhancement, but it solves the volume issue.
JAWS also provides possible fix under the default configuration, when you search for sound. Just try to uncheck "Avoid speech cut off when using Bluetooth headphones or some sound cards".

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I have, it was Realtec's high definition audio drivers. I just uninstalled them and let Windows install the default high definition audio drivers that come with it. Problem solved. I hope that helps you, that volume problem was really annoying.


On 8/2/2022 4:02 AM, Murray Peat wrote:
Hi there,

Sorry, one more question.

With my new Lenovo laptop I am finding that the Jaws volume rises and
falls of its own accord. Sometimes this happens while working with a
specific programme however mostly it happens if I open something new
or move to another task. I guess this may be a sound card issue. Has
anyone else come across this and perhaps knows how to resolve it?

I am using Jaws22 on Windows 10 Enterprise

With thanks


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