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Gene Warner

I knew of that setting and it didn't do anything for this problem. Apparently the Realtec drivers very aggressively put the audio system hardware to sleep to save on battery usage and it takes too much time to wake them so you lose the beginning of what JAWS says and there is apparently no way to turn that off.


On 8/2/2022 12:09 PM, nocm@... wrote:
Problems with speech being cut off has a setting in jaws that needs to be
changed. Go through the following to make the change.
settings center
avoid speach cut off when blue tooth or some sound cards are used
Place a check in the box here and save the changes.
On Tue, 2 Aug 2022 09:17:12 -0400 "Gene Warner" <genewarner3@...>
If its the Realtec drivers, I think its because it keeps switching
profiles, in my case there were two, speakers and headphones, I also
the problem that the beginning of speech was being cut off.


On 8/2/2022 9:05 AM, Karen Reynolds wrote:
Mine did that and I did something to make the sound the same
Sorry but I don�t remember what it was. I know it was something
in Jaws
setting and I did the default to get it to do it to all the apps.
might have just changed the volume so that it was done across
everything. I just know it drove me nuts for awhile too.

You could also check for updates. It�s possible I did nothing
and that
did it.


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*Murray Peat
*Sent:* Tuesday, August 2, 2022 4:02 AM
*Subject:* Jaws volume rising and dipping

Hi there,

Sorry, one more question.

With my new Lenovo laptop I am finding that the Jaws volume rises
falls of its own accord. Sometimes this happens while working with
specific programme however mostly it happens if I open something
new or
move to another task. I guess this may be a sound card issue. Has
else come across this and perhaps knows how to resolve it?

I am using Jaws22 on Windows 10 Enterprise

With thanks


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