moderated Re: Informed delivery

Gene Warner

Picture Smart is a feature in JAWS, when you send it a picture it will use several services that attempt to describe what is in the picture. Usually it works reasonably well, but sometimes it wanders off into left field.

You get to it with Insert+Space,P then there a number of options to give it the picture to recognize. You can use insert+space,P,? to get help about it.


On 8/1/2022 5:27 PM, Curtis Delzer wrote:
please, what is picture smart?
thank you. I feel I should know but having a senior moment, . . .
On 8/1/2022 8:47 AM, Gene Warner wrote:
Hi everyone!

I subscribe to the post office's informed delivery service, this service sends you a daily email with information about mail and packages that will be arriving soon. In the email are scanned images of mail that is coming to you. I send these to Picture Smart to find out what's coming and it works great.

Now here is my question: Currently I have to copy the image to the clipboard then send the image in the clipboard to Picture Smart, a two step process. I have tried using other methods to do it in one step but so far haven't figured out anything that works. Any ideas?

I am using 64 bit Thunderbird as my email client and JAWS 2022 July update on Windows 10 21H2.


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