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Rahul Bajaj

thanks, all. i think i have been able to sort this out. documents that are mailed to me using sharepoint are now opening in office applications on my computer. and for folders that are shared with me via email, i go to them on sharepoint and open the relevant file in the relevant office application by right clicking it.


On Mon, 1 Aug 2022 at 21:26, David Kingsbury <davidkingsbury77@...> wrote:

Hi Rahul ,

The folks at Freedom Scientific strongly discourage using the online version of Office, only the desktop version. Among other things, I have found Excel to be completely inaccessible. I haven’t played around with the online version enough to see what else goes wrong, but you really must insist with your I T people to install the desktop version. As others have said, this certainly can be considered a reasonable accommodation.

With regard to OneDrive, your I T people can set up your OneDrive account so that you can access the OneDrive folder from within your user folder. You can then save files there and manage them from within the familiar Windows desktop environment. It should take them less than 5 minutes to set that up, and all files and folders will be synced online. 


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