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This is the way I do it In Informed Daily delivery, I tab to the scanned image, JAWS reads scanned image of your mail piece. I then do Insert, space bar, P,Shift C. If it is a decent scan it will do a good job of reading the text. Doing a Shift C will skip a step from just using C.

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Hi Gene:

So, just so I understand this better, are you saying that asking Picture Smart to analyze a graphic you have copied from the clipboard produces a better result than focusing on the graphic and invoking the Control option? This does not sound as if Picture Smart is then working as advertised<smile>.


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Yes it does, I view my emails as simple html and can go to the picture
using quick navigation's 'G' key. And I have tried the 'C' option in
Picture Smart with no success.


On 8/1/2022 11:54 AM, Curtis Chong wrote:
Hello Gene:

How are you invoking Picture Smart? Is the graphic showing up as something you can jump to using the JAWS shortcut G? If it is, have you tried INSERT+SPACE followed by p followed by c?


Curtis Chong

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Hi everyone!

I subscribe to the post office's informed delivery service, this service
sends you a daily email with information about mail and packages that
will be arriving soon. In the email are scanned images of mail that is
coming to you. I send these to Picture Smart to find out what's coming
and it works great.

Now here is my question: Currently I have to copy the image to the
clipboard then send the image in the clipboard to Picture Smart, a two
step process. I have tried using other methods to do it in one step but
so far haven't figured out anything that works. Any ideas?

I am using 64 bit Thunderbird as my email client and JAWS 2022 July
update on Windows 10 21H2.


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