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Hope the voice on yours is better than the one on my Roku.
I can't tell some letters like D & E & V for example, it makes it impossible
for me to enter my app credentials.
I contacted Roku and asked them to make eSpeak an option, even though eSpeak
is not pleasant to listen to, it is totally intelligible.

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I just ordered one from Amazon, I chose the Roku Stream Bar. Since I
can't see it I don't have a TV so all I need are the speakers so the
Stream Bar is perfect for me.

The Stream Bar is a sound bar with a streaming player in it. Sighted
users would then hook it up to their TV via HDMI and they are good to go.


On 7/28/2022 7:59 PM, Joseph Machise wrote:
wish you can by a stream box.
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Picking your streams is easy, the first thing to do is to decide what
kind of programming you want. That will narrow your choices
significantly. Of course that depends on what kind of TV watcher you
are, I'm very picky about what I'm willing to spend time watching. My
brother on the other hand will watch almost anything that's on.

Since science, nature, and documentaries are my favorite programming,
Curiosity Stream is a natural choice for me. Now I only need to pick one
or two more streams. And since I'm not in any hurry to cut the cord, I'm
giving myself until the end of the year, I have time to make my choices.


On 7/28/2022 7:40 PM, Joseph Machise wrote:

Glenn I agree with you, this streaming is to much for me also.
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We are switching providers here because Sparklight is going to stream
only, and I don't want that.
We do have a couple firesticks, and a Roku, and several streaming
subscriptions, but honestly, deciding what I want to stream is not a
decision I care to put effort into.
I prefer to turn on the TV when I know a show in particular is on, or I
can check my TV guide that comes in my eMail to see what will be on, and
if nothing good is on, I don't mind not watching TV at all.
But when I do watch commercial TV, I use commercial time to read eMails
or go to the wash room, or something else that I need to do around the
But this whole streaming thing of deciding over the thousands of choices
is too much and more than I care to put effort into.
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On Thu, Jul 28, 2022 at 07:04 PM, Gene Warner wrote:

I am very seriously considering cutting the cord on cable TV.

And if you can get decent high-speed internet service so you can stream,
that's a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

I still have Comcast basic cable (and I do mean basic, and they don't
even make new customers aware the option exists) that costs me $40 per
month but there's no way I want the next step up, which contains tons of
crap I'd never watch, for over $100 per month.

My internet service (all of it) is now handled through the mobile
hotspot feature of the two 5G smartphones in the household. We stream a
ton from Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, and occasionally from the
various commercial networks if there's something we missed that we want
to see. I have considered cutting the cable cord and with that savings,
if I wanted to burn all of it monthly, I could subscribe to between 6
and 8 streaming services, including PBS Passport, and never look back.

Once you start streaming it's amazing how fast it becomes painful to
have to deal with commercials. I don't miss them one bit!


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