moderated Today's J2022 Update, Build 2207.25 + What's New in This Release

Mike B.

Hi all,
Here's the direct download link plus what's new in this J2022.2207.25 release.
32 and 64 bit download link:
What's new in this release:
Enhancements in JAWS 2022.2207.25 (July 2022)
The following is a list of improvements made between the June 2022 release and the July 2022 update.
To download the latest release, visit the Downloads web page.

list of 10 items
• The Liblouis braille translator used by JAWS and Fusion has been updated to version 3.22.0.
• When pressing ENTER on a link that moves focus to another location on the current web page, resolved a reported issue where the Virtual Cursor was not
getting moved to the new location even though the page visually scrolled.
• Resolved an issue where pressing ENTER in a multiline edit box in Chrome or Edge was unexpectedly moving focus back to the top.
• Addressed a reported issue where JAWS was not reading the Note pad status bar in Windows 11 when pressing INSERT+PAGE DOWN.
• Resolved issues navigating the Address List dialog box in Word, which is accessed through the Mailings tab (ALT+M).
• Addressed a reported issue where JAWS was not detecting the clickable graphics on for starting video playback.
• JAWS now announces the lock status of the FN key when pressing FN+ESC. Note that this primarily works with the Microsoft Surface laptop, Surface tablet,
or Surface Keyboard and may not work with other vendors such as Dell at this time. When the FN key is locked, you can press the function keys to adjust
settings like volume or screen brightness without first needing to hold down the FN key.
• When searching for text in a Word document, resolved a reported issue where JAWS was not reading the selected item as you navigated the list of results.
• Resolved an issue where pressing INSERT+CTRL+1 through 8 was not reading the associated column in the list of files in File Explorer or the message list
in Outlook.
• In response to a customer request, added several international symbols to the Select a Symbol to Print dialog box (INSERT+4) which allows you to quickly
choose a symbol and insert it into the current document.
list end
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