Moderated Google office and xlsx documents

Murray Peat <murraytp@...>

Hi there,

My work colleagues have asked me to do some work with them on a shared document. This takes the form of an xlsx document that appears to open in some kind of Google office online much like a web page.

Normally I have no problem navigating a spreadsheet however the controls on this shared document are confusing me. The document opens with Jaws seemingly bouncing in out of forms several times, I can tell this by the Jaws noises to indicate such. I sometimes find myself in the main document but more often that not I am stuck in some tool bar and can find no logical way of getting out of it.


I was wondering if anyone successfully uses these sort of things and what tips you may have.


The document also appears to slow down Jaws navigation. For example, I would normally jump from one cell to the next with automatic response whereas with this document sometimes it can take a second or so to pop to the next cell

Any help most welcome, it is sort of doing my head in J





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