Moderated Re: strange issue when checking for Jaws updates

Curtis Chong


I am not experiencing this issue, but I do have Windows 10. There was an update released today. You can download it directly off of the Freedom Scientific website. Here is the direct download link.


Curtis Chong

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Curtis Chong

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Sent: Wednesday, July 27, 2022 12:59 PM
Subject: strange issue when checking for Jaws updates

Hi everyone. I am having a weird problem with Jaws. When Jaws turns
on, it informs me that an update is available. However, I get the
following message. "The following updates are available. List view, 0
items." Pressing tab, there is a cancel button, and that's it. There
does not appear to be an actual update for Jaws. Is anyone else
experiencing this issue? I am running Windows 11, version 21h2, and
Jaws version 2022.

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