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Panagiotis Antonopoulos

Hi Adrian/all,

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Subject: Re: getting jaws to pronounce the euros symbol.

!!! Now to our points. Actually it has been within office that I have used the symbol, I use left cntrl-alt-e, or same combination with epsilon when on a Greek keyboard, but perhaps this is because I have a laptop keyboard in jaws? However, I am almost always using an office program when I need to use that symbol, so there may be a point, although I think I have produced the same effect outside office once. That’s why I said to Patrick that it seems that I am always getting the euro symbol without having done anything particular.

                                                                Cheers to all,


Takis, did you see Soronel’s JAWS key+4 suggestion? This key combo brings up a list of symbols. It isn’t exhaustive, but it does include the euro. As Soronel suggests, once the list is opened, press f to go to the first item after the euro, then up-arrow once to euro. (I realize I’m assuming the same options appear in your version, which may not be the case.)



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Subject: Re: getting jaws to pronounce the euros symbol.


Hi Patrick/all,

Unfortunately I do not know why, but in my case, writing from Greece=eurozone, jaws always says euro when I use this combination. Hope someone understands and can be of greater help.

                                                                Cheers, Takis


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Subject: Re: getting jaws to pronounce the euros symbol.


can anyone help me with this?
i know, that the shortcut key in windows for the euros symbol is ctrl-alt-e.
however, when i press this shortcut, jaws says "e ecute".
i know this sounds funny, but it is saying the letter "e" with some sort of symbol after it, like a french accent or something like that.
i was able to get it to say "euros sign" before with this combination.
i have searched the settings center up and down, and i cannot find anything.
please, please, please help me before i go insane!!!
i am using jaws 2021 latest version.
it is not related to any particular program, it happens for everything.

regards and thanks,


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