Re: CSUN report: JAWS 13 is a mess, wait for JAWS 14

Steve Matzura

That's why there's NVDA, and System Access, and Window-Eyes, and yes,
JAWS, too, so we have choices. Now, if none of those work, well then,
they may have a case, and maybe not. Certain software will probably
never work with any screenreader ever invented because of how it deals
with screens and text displayed upon them. But that's not something a
screenreader is designed to handle, so the suit may very well go the
other way, to the software manufacturer of the inaccessible program.
It wouldn't be a pretty fight, that's all I can say for sure.

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This list is becoming more technical every day--in a bitchy kind of way.
P.S. I am not necessarily singling out the current writer but thought I'd
get this idea posted right away--before I forgot it...or maybe I should have

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Not sure, in the environment in question displays the following under
Software Maintenance Agreement in "About JAWS":

"Authorized using a Network ILM Key"

So, I don't think license issues are in play in the specific setting where
the issue came up. At this point. If NVDA continues to improve, there might
be an intention to stop buying license renewals (or whatever they are called
by FS).

In an education setting, the access compliance process includes a review of
the exposure to liability that the institution might have if an access
product fails to work for a significant number of visually impaired students
with a important application.

In other words, if JAWS does not work for students using SPSS, the
institution begins to get worried that it might get sued by those students
for not providing "reasonable accommodations".

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Well then they should give us a credit for the s m a that was used on 13

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