moderated Re: epub books and what to use to read them

Gene Warner

I got this from the BookWorm documentation:


On 7/26/2022 7:13 PM, Leo wrote:
I’ve seen on different mailing lists that some people use a piece of free software called bookworm, but I couldn’t tell the official website to download it.
Leo Bado
*From:* <> *On Behalf Of *Jeff Lukacsena
*Sent:* Tuesday, July 26, 2022 2:59 PM
*Subject:* epub books and what to use to read them
Hello Everyone,
I will be attending graduate school this fall. The access technology center mentioned that some of my books might be available in Epub. I have never used ePub books before. Can someone point me to the best places to find, and learn how to read these kinds of books.
Jeff Lukacsena

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